This project is about better Internet searching, i.e. better order of found links.
Motto 1: During last 15 years, very little has changed in Internet searching.

Motto 2: Existing search engines evaluate WWW pages. I evaluate something different.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have invented new principle and algorithm of Internet searching, which is different from existing search engines (Google, Bing ...). In determining the order of found links, the existing search engines evaluate WWW pages, while I evaluate OTHER OBJECTS = thematically related sets of Internet components (WWW pages, documents, images, audio, video...). My resolution space is much broader, my other objects are larger than WWW pages and differ from each other much more than WWW pages. That is why my order of links is better.

Implementing: Existing search algorithms need not be changed, my algorithm can be a superstructure over (addition to) them. My algorithm can be applied for personal search and search in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ …).


I have realized the prototype (mini search engine, Hlodac). It is written in C# + .NET and contains 35 programs, about 70000 rows of source code. Configuration: 1 server (2x4procesor), 1 disk array (24T), Ubuntu, Apache, ZFS, own database.

I have downloaded and processed about 1 million WWW pages, evaluated 292 words.
Results (quality of order of found links): Hlodac versus Google +20 %, Hlodac versus Bing +34 %, Hlodac versus Seznam (Czech search engine) +18 %.
Link to the evaluation of the results is stated below in the table (red background).

Now I try to sell my (verified) algorithm of searching to: Microsoft (for Bing), Google, Yandex, Baidu or other suitable corporation.

Ing. Petr Hejl, CSc., Ondrouskova 15, 63500 Brno, Czech Republic, phone: (+420) 608 374 535, email:

Illuminating explanation

Graphical explanation

My sets versus PageRank and Panda

How differentiate good and bad links


Differences between words


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